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Sep 18 2018

Basepump® Water Powered Backup Sump Pump

How do I prevent basement flooding without using a battery? Is there a system that can run for a long period of time with no maintenance and no electricity?

The answer is a water powered backup sump pump that runs off the reliable water supply that brings water to your home under pressure every single day. The best answer is the Basepump Water Powered Backup Sump Pump.

  • Rain, power outages, flooded basements! Can you take a chance and wait until your basement is destroyed?
  • Rest easy knowing you have the best backup sump pump system on the market.
  • Basepump water powered backup sump pump is an essential component in your basement.

Included Water Alarm

  • Five (5) Year Limited Warranty on every Basepump is Included!
  • Water Alarm Included! A 9 Volt battery-powered water alarm with relay output, is included with every Basepump, to warn you of rising water.
  • No Electricity, Battery, or Charger needed.
  • Fully Automatic operation. You don’t need to be home to operate it.
  • Uses water pressure from your existing water supply to remove water from the sump.
  • Highest pumping rates in the industry.
  • Most reliable operating system on the market.
  • Heavy duty construction. made from corrosion resistant polypropylene. It’ll last a very long time.
  • Detailed installation instructions included; basic plumbing skills are required. (DIY? In many cases, yes.)
  • Low cost of operation (only the cost of the water during actual operation).
  • No moving parts to break and no maintenance required.
  • This system is superior to the battery backup sump pump systems typically used.

So instead of a flooded and destroyed basement because of a sump pump failure or a power failure, install a Basepump water powered backup sump pump system before it happens. You’ll be glad you did.

Click for more details about how Basepump works .

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Basepump Models

Basepump uses 1 Gallon of City Water to remove 2 Gallons of Sump Water at an average of 90 lbs. PSI and 10 Feet Lift

This chart simply means that if you have the given water pressure in your home, with all faucets and Basepump turned OFF, the pumping rates shown in this chart are the rates you should expect from the model you choose. The pumping rate in your home may vary depending on factors such as restrictions in your water lines or long discharge pipes.

Choosing the Correct Model:

Which Model will operate best in my home?
Which model will keep up the best with incoming water?
Which Basepump Model should I choose?

For the answers and Details, see the “5 Gallon Bucket Test”:

What about installation? Can I do it myself or do I need a Plumbing Contractor?

Included with All Basepump Models:

  • Basepump Ejector, made from polypropylene to resist rust, corrosion, and scale build-up.
  • One-way check valve, to prevent reversal of water flow down into sump to protect your home.
  • Mounting clamps and screws.
  • Velcro straps to keep things neat.
  • Flexible PVC discharge hose to help make the discharge piping easier.
  • Float Valve Assembly, to operate the ejector valve.
  • Suction screen, to keep foreign objects out of the pump ejector.
  • Installation instructions that are complete, illustrated, and easy to follow.
  • Water alarm with 9 Volt battery and relay outputs included with every Basepump purchased, to warn you of a high water condition.
    This alarm may be connected to your security system or to an independent automatic dialing system. (Note: actual alarm may vary slightly from alarm photo.)

See our Back-Flow Prevention Page for Dual Check Valves, Vacuum Breakers, and RPZ Valve Units.

Backup Sump Pumps:

Battery powered vs. Water Powered

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Within 30 days of purchase, if you are not completely satisfied with your new Basepump, Base Products Corp. (The Company) will refund your money, in full, excluding shipping charges. Pump must be in its original package with all parts included and in salable condition. Please contact the dealer where you purchased your pump to obtain refund. If purchased directly from The Company, you must call our Customer Satisfaction Department at 1 800 554 1426 to process return or to receive Technical Assistance. Please give your name, address, phone number, date of purchase, and address of the installation.

Five Year Limited Warranty

FREE Basement Evaluation Checklist

Click the “Free Checklist” button to receive a free Basement Evaluation Checklist to use as a guide to protecting your basement from flood damage. This is a worksheet designed for you, the homeowner, to put the important information regarding your basement onto one sheet and to use it as a guide for risk management.

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