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Oct 6 2017

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We promote the understanding, application and development of Individual Psychology and Adlerian
Counselling in the UK through public lectures, workshops, conferences and professional training

Welcome to ASIIP | Last updated 1 July 2017 | Email us

NEW: Adlerian Society Year Book 2017
The Editors are very proud to announce the publication of the Adlerian Year Book 2017 containing original and diverse contributions from UK and international contributors. Download the Contents & Editorial and place your order on our Publications page .

Sat 17 & Sun 18 June 2017. Adlerian psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer Gerhard Baumer will facilitate an experiential weekend workshop on Group Counselling and Therapy at Bottisham Village College (Cambridge).

SEXUAL ABUSE Info & booking
Sat 8 July 2017. Counsellor, lecturer and writer Jan Hawkins presents a workshop on The Legacy of Childhood Sexual Abuse at Bottisham Village College (Cambridge).

Sat 8 & Sun 9 July 2017. Teacher/trainer and supervisor Wendy Goddard (a Vice-President of ASIIP) will present a weekend workshop for counsellors on Letting Go and Moving Forward at Bucks Adlerian Training.

Watch this space for details of more workshops in 2017

Information about Adlerian counselling courses and training in Individual Psychology | Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities and counselling training workshops for psychotherapists and counsellors | Directory of qualified Adlerian counsellors and Adlerian supervisors | Details of national and international Adlerian summer schools and residential conferences | Links to Adlerian counselling and supervision training organisations

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