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Jun 7 2018

Balance Transfers


The Balance Transfer Calculator estimates the amount you may be able to save by transferring to a NAB product. We’ll leave you to put in the amount you’re thinking of transferring and your current product’s purchase rate.

Of course, any request by you to transfer this amount will be subject to our assessment of your credit application. So keep in mind, you may not be eligible for a balance transfer for the full amount on your existing cards.

Calculator Assumptions

Interest rate

The interest rate displayed is our current balance transfer promotional interest rate.

We’ve also displayed our current promotional purchase interest rate.

All rates displayed are per annum.


This calculator only takes into account your current product’s purchase interest rate. You’ll also need to consider what other fees and charges apply to your current card and any discounts, or promotional offers, to assess any savings.

The estimated savings also do not take into account any fees applicable to your new NAB product, including any balance transfer fee that may apply. So to more accurately assess any savings you’ll need to read the product webpages on this site and understand what fees and charges will apply.

Monthly repayments

The estimated savings assumes that during the promotional period you make no cash advances and make the minimum monthly repayments each month required under the terms and conditions.

If you’re considering a balance transfer, there are several things you need to know.

* Balance Transfer Special Offer

Offer commences 1 June 2017. For approved applicants who apply for a new personal NAB Premium Card by 1 October 2017. The balance transfer interest rate will apply for a 20 month statement period from account opening. After the 20 months period, any unpaid balance transfers will attract the standard cash advance rate (currently 21.74%p.a. as at 1 June 2017). Interest rates are subject to change and available at www.nab.com.au.

Special promotion balance transfer must be applied for at the point of full card application. The one off balance transfer fee of 2% is calculated on the amount transferred and is charged to your NAB credit card account when your balance transfer is processed. Interest free days on purchases do not apply while you have a balance transfer. Minimum monthly repayments must be made by the due date each month. Offer is not available when losing/transferring from another NAB credit card account or in conjunction with any other NAB credit card offer.

Transfer as little as $200 from one or two cards.

You can transfer balances from one or two non-NAB cards. Each amount needs to be at least $200.

Terms and conditions available here. Fees and charges are payable. Approval and credit limit is subject to NAB’s credit assessment criteria. Information, including interest rates and annual card fees, subject to change. Correct as at 1 June 2017.

Credit cards issued by National Australia Bank Limited. ©2017 National Australia Bank Limited ABN 12 004 044 937 AFSL Australian Credit Licence 230686.

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