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Jul 11 2017

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Interest-rates.org.uk offers simple, comprehensive and up-to-date information on interest rates for savers, each day updating thousands of current international British Bank Building Society deposit account interest rates. Banks and building societies pay nothing to be included, which guarantees you rates from the widest possible range of institutions.

Choose UK, offshore or company savings account rates using the red buttons above and follow the simple instructions for your instant, personalised list of relevant savings account interest rates.

Simply enter how much you want to save and for how long you can invest your cash. Then click the button below for your customised list of relevant offshore accounts. Of course high rate savings accounts appear higher in the list. See specimen reports for US Dollars. Euros. and Pounds Sterling. We even include a selection of interest rates for money market accounts – money market rates typically change from day to day.

Choose UK bank and building society accounts for interest rates on savings accounts from major UK banks and building societies. The range of UK banks and building societies is much greater than offshore. With a few exceptions you need to be UK resident to open a savings account in the UK. Unlike offshore savings accounts, UK banks and building societies routinely deduct full UK tax at source.

Choose Offshore savings accounts if you are an expat, senior, retired pensioner or just prefer your savings interest paid without full deduction of tax. Such savings accounts are typically offered in tax havens like the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Bahamas, Bermuda, Cayman Islands and British Virgin Islands; in some EU countries such as Belgium, Eire (Ireland), Gibraltar, Lithuania, Luxembourg etc; and more recently in countries such as India, Russia, Singapore and even the Cook Islands. Although EU residents should be able to open bank accounts in any EU State, most UK expats, at least, are obliged to use offshore savings accounts since many UK banks or building societies will not open savings accounts for expats as new customers. EU residents may well be affected by the European Savings Tax Directive (ESD) .

Choose Company savings accounts if you are a UK limited company. These accounts may also apply to other types of business: partnerships, sole traders and even in some cases clubs, societies and client accounts – these may require a different type of account. Some Companies and Partnerships may also benefit from protection under the FSCS depositor protection scheme

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