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May 18 2018

Billboard Truck for Sale, Bulldog Mobile Billboards, billboard trucks for sale.#Billboard #trucks #for #sale

Billboard Truck for Sale

Drive Your Message Gain New Customers with Bulldog Mobile Billboards.

Bulldog Mobile Billboards belongs to two mobile advertising affiliations. Call us for marketing campaigns utilizing over 170 vehicles nationwide.

Billboard trucks for sale

Bulldog Mobile Billboards

4310 Buena Vista, Suite 31

Dallas, Texas 75205

244 5th Avenue, Suite 2383

New York, N.Y. 10001

Lennox Industries called mobile advertising vehicle expert Rod Collins to consult on their project. The company needed five mobile display units designed and purchased for their regional sales teams. Collins helped source the vehicles, build out the trailers, vinyl wrap the inside and outside of the trucks and write the campaign protocol. These trucks act like functional trade show exhibits – what product line do you need to take on tour and present to your potential customers?

Billboard trucks for sale

Billboard trucks for sale

Bulldog toured DC, Philly, NYC and Boston with the Mindy Project Mobile with TV coverage in each city.

Billboard trucks for sale

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