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Aug 22 2017

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Benefit from bespoke solutions tailored to your enterprise or mid-size organizations. Finance, technology, media, manufacturing, professional services, retail, and pharma verticals served.

Solutions for your precise business needs

Solutions that match both your vertical and process needs allow you to work more efficiently. Generic does not work, custom does.

Certified and Registered

Profit from our experience. Hire a company that is a trusted Salesforce and Appexchange Partner. Customer For Life has worked with salesforce.com since 1999.

Customer Acquisition and Retention

Acquire new customers. Retain existing clients. Experience the true meaning of Customer For Life

Turn Social Relationships into Customers For Life

Insight – Experience – Expertise

Technology should work easily to increase your customer acquisition and retention. As a business however, you need more. You need customers who are also your advocates. A happy customer tells 3 friends, a dissatisfied client tells 3000. We want happy customers to communicate their experience. A major vehicle is Business Social Media, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your website and other destinations. Turn Social Relationships into Customers For Life with our salesforce consulting.

Customer For Life turns your one time buyers into customers for life. Creating customers for life is a continuous and sustainable way to do business. Everything you do should revolve around your customers.

We began with salesforce in 1999, doing both implementations and training. Customer For Life creates cohesive strategies that add value to every customer experience. Contact us to discuss how we can implement salesforce Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to grow your customers for life.

You can benefit from our expertise in visualforce, triggers, apex code, appexchange, and the entire on-demand, cloud-computing ecosystem. Enable your business development, leveraging the Salesforce.com platform. Organizations improve ROI and efficiency because of our elegant Salesforce workflows, process improvements, adoption, focus, and analytics. Maximize your revenue with our marketing, sales force automation, forecasting, mobile and VoIP call center implementations.

Customer For Life invents solutions that solve your most demanding requirements. Developing focused responses engineered around Force.com and Cloud Computing to deliver fast results even in the most dynamic environments. Seamlessly connect Google, Customer For Life Services, marketing, sales, business development, mobile, VoIP, and the global on-demand marketplace.

Improve your business efficiency and profitability. Your work becomes easier and you are more responsive to your customers. Success is a journey not a destination. More

Integrate anything with salesforce.com. Excel, Oracle, SAP, Legacy, Outlook, MySQL, anything. Become empowered. More

Sustainable Salesforce implementations developed specifically for your business with best practices in design, development in mind. More

Salesforce.com Certified Consultants available On Site, at our Training Center, or Live! Online. Choose from a Selection of Courses or view our options for a Custom Curriculum. More

Dramatically increase leads by automating complex multi-channel, multi-tired marketing campaigns. Manage Social Media, Email Campaigns, Online Marketing, Direct Marketing, and more. More

Close more deals by automating lead management and data capture. Control opportunities with powerful forecasting and actionable analytics. More

Administer users, set permissions, create roles, and develop reports and dashboards, all for a low monthly payment, giving you time to concentrate on your core business. More

1. Click 2. Speak 3. Sell
Integrates with your web browser and salesforce. More

See how innovative Methodology, Development, Implementation, Data, Training and Administration can maximize your success. More

Curriculum tailored to meet your precise business requirements. Evening and weekend schedules are available! More

Get going with Salesforce in 5 days or less, not months or weeks. Bonus Offers Available. More

Empower your sales team with critical information on the go to close more deals. More

Immerse yourself in training that matches your corporate role. Curricula includes Sales Team, Service Team, Admin and Nonprofit. More

Retain customers by using integrated tools and automating your customer relationship management. We make cases, calls, and your social networks work with you. More

Accelerate your business processes. Accomplish more without hiring additional employees. Increase your efficiency and productivity. More

Join the conversation! Connect with your customers on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter through Salesforce.com. More

Access the Business Intelligence you need to make informed choices. Have real-time graphs, charts, and reports at your fingertips. More

Create intuitive and easy to understand interfaces with fewer clicks that have logical flows. Find out how you can do more with less effort to improve your results. More

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