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Dec 7 2017

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Professional Liability For Doctors

Insurance As Low As
$34 A Month

Doctors hold one of the most trusted positions in the lives of their patients. Patients trust your education, skills and expertise to take care of them in good health and bad. Some patients even feel their doctor can do no wrong, and that puts a large weight of responsibility on your shoulders. However, you’re only human and there is always a small risk of making a mistake. Protect yourself with doctors professional liability insurance .

Doctors professional liability is also known as malpractice insurance coverage. This coverage is designed to help you legally and financially if you ever make a professional mistake with your patients. It also helps protect you against claims that are not your fault.

If, for example, you accidentally issue a prescription to a patient that they are allergic to, they may sue you for the injuries or suffering caused by your prescription. Likewise, a patient may sue you with a claim that you made a mistake in their medical diagnosis, even if you never saw them in your offices. Whether you made an actual mistake or not, lawsuits of this sort will cost you in both time and money. Doctors professional liability coverage can help pay these expenses for you.

Depending on the scope of your insurance policy, doctors professional liability coverage can pay for your litigation expenses when lawsuits arise. It can also pay for your loss in wages while you’re in court, and it can pay settlements and awards when applicable.

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