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May 17 2018

Drug Treatment Centers Islip (631) 729-7303 Alcohol Rehab

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Welcome to Islip, NY Drug Rehab

Drug Treatment Centers Islip

Drug Treatment Centers Islip (631) 729-7303 Today

Initiation into drug use is usually not accompanied by the fear of addiction. For most, it’s an experiment of sorts, a need to feel better or to fit in. But for those with a predisposition to addiction, one use can begin a lifetime of pain and suffering. Drug treatment centers are sometimes the last places an addict will run to for help when, realistically, they should be the first option when drug use becomes a problem.

Drug treatment centers have been designed specifically to help those who need help to fight substance dependence. Without professional help, this process can be difficult and frustrating. For many, recovery may necessitate time spent in a drug treatment center.

Drug Treatment Centers Islip provide a serene homelike environment, with medically qualified addiction specialists that oversee your recovery. Some of our staff members are themselves in long term recovery and are able to empathize with those going through the rehab process. This enables patients to envision the possibility that they too can recover from drug addiction.

What to Expect from Treatment and Recovery

Every incoming patient is evaluated so that our addiction specialists can design a treatment program that will facilitate their healing process in a manner that does not conflict with the individual’s personal beliefs or cultural norms. Our intention is to make the recovery process as pleasant and stress-free as possible. As such, remedial processes are selected from evidence-based treatment modalities that include both conventional and holistic practices.

Making an accurate diagnosis of the patient prior to the administration of treatment is vital. We look beyond the drug abuse problem to any underlying issues such as past trauma, mental illness or other biomedical conditions that may require specialized care concurrently with treatment for addiction. Depression is very often a common contributor and perpetuator of substance abuse. By making an accurate diagnosis, patients are able to get the help they need.

Drug Treatment Centers Islip also provide extensive alcohol and drug counseling. During this process, recovering addicts learn about the effects of substance abuse on their bodies, what their unique triggers are and how to handle them. Group counseling is also provided, and has proven helpful for some individuals who are able to build a strong support system from bonds created in these sessions.

Upon completion of your rehabilitation program, patients are armed with knowledge, tools and the confidence to enjoy long term sobriety. Although relapse is always a possibility, our relapse prevention training helps those in recovery to recognize the signs of a relapse and take steps to prevent it or limit its effects.

Islip, situated in the City of New York, derived its name from its English patentee who purchased what is now known as the town of Islip and other surrounding property in 1683. Although predominantly a wealthy town fueled in part by tourism, Islip lost some of its prestige during the stock market crash of the great depression. However, the city soon rebounded and became an active suburban community, later described as the “bedroom” of New York City.

Islip is located on the south shore of Long Island with a burgeoning population of approximately 335,543 at the last census taken in 2010. It is one of ten towns in Suffolk County, New York. This seaside community was founded on prosperous fishing, farming and boating industries. Visitors can enjoy its many historical sites and delicious sea food.

If you or a loved one is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, Drug Treatment Centers Islip can help. Call our treatment center today at (631) 729-7303 and speak to a caring counselor who can guide you on the road to recovery.

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