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Dec 31 2017

Family Trust Federal Credit Union Rock Hill, SC 29730

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Family Trust Federal Credit Union

Do not bank with them they are not there for the needs of a customer I have banked with them for 13+ years. Had several loans and paid all back before the loan end date but tried to get a personal loan for only 1000 which is smaller than all loans I have had they give me the run around for 3 days.final I call and talk to some one else and they tell me they can’t help me.when a bank I have never dealt with is willing to give me the loan would not even rate family trust a 1 but you have to click a least 1 star.

Like most Americans I have had past credit issues, late payments, etc. I was previously with Founders until 2007 when I lost my job and was not able to pay back a loan. Founders did not offer insurance for the loan and I didn’t know anything about insurance to ask about it. Anyway after I went back to work in 2008 I joined Family Trust and I applied for my first loan a year ago. The loan I received was to pay off a credit card and the bank wrote the check to the company, which was fine. A couple of months later I needed another loan to pay off a bill. They approved the loan wrote the check to the company and added the loan to my already existing loan. I was advised at that time that I would not be approved for another loan until that loan was paid off. I paid off my loan on schedule and I went to request a debt consolidation loan to pay off some other bills. I was asked if I had any collateral in which I didn’t and my loan request was denied. The reason I was told I was denied was due to past late payments that showed on my credit report. My advice to anyone that has had any credit issues and are trying to get reestablished or just looking for a Credit Union that will be there when you need them go with Founders. They work with everyone no matter what the situation may be they are willing to assist anyway they can. Family Trust is not a bank geared toward helping average everyday people.

DO NOT JOIN. Look for another Credit Union, Founders would even be a better choice than this place. Where do I start? First we had an over draft then they said we used it too much so it was removed from our account. They said it was not in our best interest to use it quite as often as we where, so their other way was to charge a $32 fee for everything. We did not use it that much but evidently enough to make them see they could make more money by removing it. SO last week we had something being held by a rental company, which they ran my card twice, the second one was held for 5 days which made all the other charges we had insufficient. When added up everything would have been covered if the hold wasnt on the second charge, which was from the same company on the same day for the same item. I called the main branch and they told me tough that it was not their fault. so looking back I had ten items come back insufficient. 10 X $32 = $320 in fees. Most of debits were for less than $10 as we were moving and had to get gas, food, moving supplies. To say the least I was so pissed! The customer service there is horrible. They claim that they had to remove the overdraft becuase it was a precaution to help us, help us how, by making it where you could charge us outrageous fees for everything, knowing we had 2 direct deposits coming in weekly from both myself and my wife. We never had an issue where we didnt have the money within a day or two. I just wouldnt deal with this institution if I had knowledge of this prior. Credit Union is supposed to be owned by the people but this one I think has investors as their practices are very in line with bank of america’s.


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