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Feb 27 2018

Funny nba pictures

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It actually is a very daring job to take up; to list out a handful short stories and call them the best. We ve tried our best to include the best of the best, a list that is bias-free; in no particular order! 10. Lamb to the slaughter Written by: Roald Dahl. This story is all [ ]

Maybe you re an atheist, maybe you are not. Maybe you believe in science, maybe you don t but there are things which are yet unsolved even by the greatest of human minds. Have a peek. 10. Human sleep cycles. We must think that we sleep because our bodies are tired and need rest but that is [ ]

Time keeping and maintaining is an art, necessary for survival, as difficult and frustrating as it maybe; why not do it in your own unique style? 10. The Barisieur Alarm Clock The Barisieur Alarm clock, which looks more like something right out of a fantasy, wakes you up you to the smell of freshly brewed coffee [ ]

Cinema and controversy, these two words cannot distance themselves for a long time. Directors, actors, producers or film distributors, each one of them have been a part of a scandal at some point in their lives. Especially when their movies deal with a controversial theme, they really don t have a good time after the release. [ ]

A few years back who would have thought that Ex-PayPal employees would develop a platform where people would not only watch videos to pass their time but would also make big$$$ while doing that? YouTube has forever been the best platform to watch videos, listen to music, and knowing what s trending around the world. While [ ]

If you love traveling then you obviously choose the best hotel to stay in and these hotels usually provide all the basic amenities and some extra facilities in bigger than basic packages. Some hotels walk the extra mile to give their clients a comfortable and memorable experience. But sometimes, these extras go ridiculously over the [ ]

The governments around the world have faced massive hits and have spent in numbers so huge in order to cover up for when the Mother Earth did not grant us its mercy. Here are ten of the world s costliest Natural Disasters in an ascending order of the economic loss they caused. 10. Colombia s Armero Tragedy [ ]

Having a bad day? These facts will make you happy immediately. 10. SEA OTTERS HOLD HANDS WHILE SLEEPING. Yessssss! They do this so that they don t drift away from each other while sleeping. It also helps as an anchor and prevents them from floating away into an open sea. Aren t sea otters cuter than humans? [ ]

There have been several legends and myths and mysteries about cursed things that have plagued many till now, people or objects. But it is something we never give more than two shits about, as we assume it is not true. But what if it is, what if there have been real instances about objects that [ ]

Have you ever wondered how transportation in future will unfold? We have transportation now which we consider fast, but whenever we think about future, we imagine a super fast vehicle which is also fuel efficient. Is it possible? Well let us check out these modes of transportation which will take travelling to a new level. [ ]

Our Earth supports life unlike all the other planets; but it definitely does so in its own cool way. 10. Coldest inhabited place on the Earth: Oymyakon, Sakha Republic, Russia Yakut is a rural locality in the Oymyakonsky District of the Sakha Republic, Russia, located along the Indigirka River, on the Kolyma Highway. Oymyakon is and [ ]

It s 2017 and we are supposed to stop doing and following stupid things on the internet and move forward. 2016 was a wreck and now it s about time we lay out certain trends for greener pasture. Here 10 trends that need to retire in 2017: 10. SNAPCHAT FILTERS Snapchat filters have gone way out of hand. [ ]

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