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May 17 2018

How to Bypass Chinese Firewall with VPN – Bypass China Proxy

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Internet is undivided part of modern life today and millions of people all the world use it for work, communications and others purposes. It is hard to believe that such a well developed country as China limits Internet access. Chinese Great Firewall is one of the strongest in the world. Numerous Internet filtera and various web blocks are implemented in China. Can you only imagine that such websites as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google and many others are restricted in China. Millions of people from China would like to bypass great firewall of China and unblock websites in China.

Chinese Great Firewall

Since 1994 when Internet comes to China it became a platform for communications and spreding information. The government decided to control network access in the country and they published special law regarding that. The main ideas are below:

“Individuals are prohibited from using the Internet to: harm national security; disclose state secrets; or injure the interests of the state or society. Users are prohibited from using the Internet to create, replicate, retrieve, or transmit information that incites resistance to the PRC Constitution, laws, or administrative regulations; promotes the overthrow of the government or socialist system; undermines national unification; distorts the truth, spreads rumors, or destroys social order; or provides sexually suggestive material or encourages gambling, violence, or murder. Users are prohibited from engaging in activities that harm the security of computer information networks and from using networks or changing network resources without prior approval.”

Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube, LiveJoutnal, many forums and a fortune others popular websites are blocked from China.

How to bypass Chinese Great firewall

There are many various filters but most of them are based on the IP address. IP is an Internet Protocol address. This is a numerical label assigned to each device in the Internet. It often indicates your geo location. The fact is that your real IP address can be hidden and instead of it you can show USA, Canada, Europe or any other IP address and in such way you can avoid China’s filtering and bypass Chinese firewall.

Best VPN for China to bypass China Forewall

The most reliable, safe and easy method to mask your real Chinese IP is VPN service. VPN or virtual private network is a secured channel between you and vpn server. VPN for China will help to bypass a China Firewall, unblock Facebook in China, access Youtube and others restricted sites.

VPN can be used on various devices like computer, iphone, ipad, mac, planshet PC, tablets and any other that supports vpn technology.

It is very simple to make a new vpn tunnel. For this you need to know your vpn account data: vpn server address, login and password for connection to vpn server. This information is provided by your China vpn service provider. Vpn setup guides can help you to make a new vpn connection.

With VPN you can easily bypass China proxy and unblock sites in China.

Under China vpn you are secure and protected and you are absolutely free to surf wherever you want.

If you still have some question please read more information at http://vpn-account.com or contact me and I will answer any your question about vpn for China.

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