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Jul 4 2018

How to Make French Fried Onions

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I converted my family s Green Bean Casserole Recipe today. I wanted to make sure this classic was ready to go for Thanksgiving dinner. Last year, I was in a rush and at the last minute we popped out a recipe using Progresso mushroom soup and no french onion topping. Big mistake! I really missed the flavors of the traditional green bean casserole. Since I was at my mom s and had extra help with the boys today I decided to make a homemade green bean casserole with our Sunday night meatloaf.

My first thought was How do I make homemade French fried onions? Hmmm

The first thing my mom and I did was to look at the back of one of those French fried onion cans . They were actually very simple. Just basic onion rings. I noted that they had soy flour in them, so I decided to use that in my flour mix.


1. Gather your ingredients.

2 or 3 big sweet onions (shallots are a good variation)

enough milk for soaking onions

1 1/2 2 teaspoons salt (try the first batch and adjust the salt to taste- mine needed a little more salt)

pepper (you can also add a little cayenne pepper if you wish)

gluten free flour (I used 1/2 cup tapioca flour, 1/2 cup rice flour, 1/2 cup soy flour)

2. Measure gluten free flours, salt, and pepper and put into a zip lock bag.

3. Slice the onions and separate into rings. I chose to fry both the little and big onion slices since I was frying them for a casserole topping.

4. Heat oil in a large frying pan. Oil should be about an inch deep. When the oil is hot enough, a flick of water will make the oil sizzle.

5. Soak the onions in milk for a few minutes.

Don t try to do all the onions at one. Just one batch at a time.

6.Dredge the onions in the gluten free flour.Give them a good coating of flour.

7. Place the onions in the frying pan with the heated oil.

8. When the onions start to float to the top turn them over and cook until just golden brown (mine cooked very quickly).

9. When the onion rings have finished cooking, lay them on a paper bag or paper towels to cool/drain some oil.

10. Store in air-tight container, top your casserole, or eat them!

Of course, I found these to be better than the canned fried onions. They taste wonderful in a green bean casserole. Here is a sneak peak at the green bean casserole I made. I will post the recipe later in the week.

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