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Oct 6 2017

How to Prepare Quotes for Clients with VARStreet Online Quoting System #ecommerce #quoting #system


How to Prepare Quotes for Clients with VARStreet Online Quoting System

Thinking of incorporating a robust ecommerce and sales quoting platform into your business? Well, then go for VARStreet, which has long been the preferred platform to develop powerful online stores and integrate sophisticated online sales quoting system. If you already have an ecommerce store, then just connect VARStreet online quoting tool with your system, and rest assured you will be in a position to create quickly, in minutes. The VARStreet sales quoting software is something you can trust to accelerate your quoting process.

VARStreet online quoting tool is integrated with aggregated catalog that contains detail product information coming from different distributors. Hence there is easy access to product information while creating quotes. No wonder, the quoting tool can help simplify the quoting process and improve the productivity of your sales team. Your sales team would be able to generate higher number of quotes in lesser number of time.

How to Create Quotes using VARStreet Online Quoting System

Go to BackOffice- Sales- New Quote- Quotation — General

Enter all the necessary customer details for whom you want to create a quote. Fields such as Name, City, State, Zip, and Country are highlighted in red, which means it is a compulsory to enter information in these fields.

After entering the necessary information and then clicking on ‘Continue’ button, the ‘Products’ Tab screen will open. Here, there are 2 methods to enter products in the quote.

In the first method, you have to click on the ‘Search’ button, which will redirect you to ‘Search Criterion’ page. Enter the search criteria for the product that you are looking for. You can enter Part Number, SKU#, Keyword or Manufacturer of the product. Depending upon the criteria, the products will be pulled from ‘VARStreet’ catalog or ‘Custom’ catalog or both, and then displayed on the screen. You have to then select the products and then click the ‘Pick’ button. Upon clicking, the selected products will appear in the Quote on ‘Products’ Tab.

In the second method, you have to click the ‘Import Quote Items’ button. With this option, you can enter all items in the quote in one go, using Excel sheet. Here, you have to enter the details of all your products in Excel Sheet format and then upload the sheet in the VARStreet system. The products (items) will be eventually visible in the quote.

When the items get uploaded in the quote, click on the Terms Tab. Here, you have to enter ‘Payment Details’, the payment method by which the customer will pay for the items. The payment method can be Credit Card, Company PO or any other options listed in the dropdown field. On the same page in Terms Tab, you also have to fill details related to ‘Billing Address’ and ‘Shipping Address’ of the customer.

Upon filling all the details, click on the ‘Continue’ button. Here you will be redirected to ‘Print Setup’ where the system gives you the flexibility to decide what all things can be included in the quote. For instance, you might not want your customer to view MSRP prices, freight, and handling charges or individual itemized prices in the quote. All these changes can be easily implemented on this page.

In the Print Setup Tab page, there is ‘Preview and Print’ link. Clicking on this link will enable you get a ‘preview’ of the quote before you send it to the customer.

Moving on to ‘Send’ Tab, here you are required to fill details that are required to send an email to the customer. The system provides the option to attach the quote in attractive HTML, PDF, DOC and EXCEL format. Once you fill the details and attach the quote in the desired format click on ‘Send Mail’ button.

Sending Quotes Quickly

In some cases, a prospective customer wants a quote as soon as possible. When there is urgency for creating quotes, you can use the ‘Quick Quote’ feature. This feature enables you to create quotes with bare minimum information of the customer. Also, there are customers who have complex quoting requirements that require configuring the products and then adding it to the quote. In such circumstances, you can use our configurator feature that will allow you to create complex configurations which you can then add to the quote.

On the whole, when it comes to injecting speed and accuracy into your quoting process, VARStreet quoting tool is second to none. It is a one-stop solution to resolve all the issues associated with manual quoting.

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