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Jul 11 2017

Naltrexone User Reviews for Alcohol Dependence at #alcoholism #treatment #drugs, #naltrexone #comments #reviews #ratings #score


User Reviews for Naltrexone

Reviews for Naltrexone to treat Alcohol Dependence

“This is seriously amazing, I will always remember the day I took it, I had a moment of realisation that the craving had gone, the constant battle in my head had stopped. I was a heavy habitual binge drinker. The only thing I would say is you have to want to quit drinking or there is no point, take it daily. I took it thinking I could still have a drink if I wanted one if craving got to much, but in all honesty I just don t want to drink, I would have to force myself I think. 5 weeks in and I haven t drank, no stress or anxiety, I ve been around alcohol, parties, bars and I just don t want it. It s brilliant! Early side effects of dizziness and nausea, odd dreams but that passes in 2 weeks! Do it!”

“First day on 25mg feeling tired, sometimes cold, hot, but NO wantings. not particularly hungry either. just reading that this drug should not be taken until a week before alcohol is out of system. from what I am reading here, people just drank till when they started taking naltrexone. true? good info here for beginners, thank you all for sharing, very helpful. I believe this is going to work for me, so I can get back on track with my life.”

“I never noticed the alcohol creeping up on me. I ve drank since I was 18 in college, but never at the levels I have been consuming it over the past few years. Social drinking led to legal problems, then home drinking became the norm. Home drinking eventually led to drinking a 15 back of beer for all pragmatic purposes nightly. The first day on Naltrexone, its impossible to believe. I didn t even drink 1 full beer. Just had no real interest in it. No real desire for another one later on. You just done THINK about it. On a side note, you might end up craving some sweets, I reached for the gummy life savers :P”

T-ROD March 28, 2017

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Vivitrol (naltrexone): “I started going to a clinic to get extra help on top of AA. My alcohol use had gotten to a very, very dangerous level. I would flirt with sobriety through AA, getting almost to 30 days, then a bad craving would hit and I couldn t resist. Then I found out about vivitrol. After my first shot it cut my cravings down ten fold. Now 4 shots in I rarely have a craving and when I do it s manageable. This has allowed me to concentrate on my recovery without also battling cravings. I m 95 days sober today and so grateful.”

Mendee86 March 24, 2017

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“I m in my mid 40 s, been drinking daily for as at least the last 5 years. Writing that is embarrassing, but each day around 4 my brain would be buzzing and only relief was drinking. My choice was red wine, usually 1 to 2 bottles a day, more on weekends. When I was honest with my Doctor, he had me try to reduce independently for 3 weeks, with no luck he put me on this medicine. It s a life changer, after 5 days and normally 12 bottles, I ve only had 2 bottles. When I drink now it s out of hand to mouth habit, but it has no affect and really makes me feel sick. Best of all I feel fantastic in the morning and for once I have hope for a battle I had zero control over. I wrote a letter to my Doctor thanking him. So many wasted years, no more.”

Nick K (taken for less than 1 month) March 22, 2017

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“Helps tremendously with cravings. Sinclair method did not work for me as I would still be unable to stop after one drink even after having taken Naltrexone for two years daily. This medicine does work for cravings, though it will take you time. Of course I wish I could stop at just one, don t we all?”

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