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Sep 30 2017

NAPCO EXPRESS XP-600 USER MANUAL Pdf Download #napco #security #system


NAPCO EXPRESS XP-600 User Manual


Introduction Congratulations on your purchase of an advanced NAPCO EXPRESS XP-600 Security System. Meticulously developed by a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art security products, this system will provide you with unprecedented peace-of-mind incorporates some of the most sophisticated features available today. Above all, it has been designed an extra step, to provide all those operating it with very easy, intuitive use.

Table of Contents Keypad Controls and Indicators. Arming your System (When Leaving). Protecting Yourself While Home. Emergency Keys. Disarming the System. Silencing an Alarm. Resetting a Fire Alarm. Fire Protection. Special Functions. System Troubles. Bell / Battery Test Test your bell or siren by pressing will cause the bell, or siren to sound for 2 seconds and also.

Keypad Controls and Indicators Numerical Keys 1-9, 0. Used to enter Key Used to enable User Codes, Zone numbers, etc. special functions and op- tions. Press and then the corresponding Spe- cial Function number Option (See Special Functions, Page 11) Bypass Key Used to bypass zones.

Arming Your System When Leaving Before arming your system, make sure the Green Ready light is ON. This indicates that all of your prot- ective zones are secure. If any zones are open, the corresponding Zone light will be ON. Secure these zones before proceeding.

Arming Your System Protecting Yourself While at Home Before arming your system, make sure the Green Ready light is ON. This indicates that all of your protective zones are secure. If any zones are open, the corresponding Zone light will be ON. Secure those zones before proceeding.

Fire Emergency Emergency Buttons Enabled? The three sets of emergency buttons, if programmed, are always active whether the system is armed or disarmed. Discuss these Buttons with your installer. The emergency signal will only be activated Auxiliary when the two respective buttons are pressed at the same time. Emergency Fire Alarm: Enabled?

Disarming Your System / Silencing an Alarm Disarming Your System when Returning Enter your premises through the Entry/Exit door. The keypad will sound a steady tone to remind you to disarm the system before your Entry Delay time expires. Enter your user code. The Red Armed light will go out, indicating that the system has been disarmed. Note: If you make a mistake entering your code, press the Alarm Indication ARMED.

Preparing a Fire Escape Plan Even with the most advanced fire alarm system, adequate protection requires an escape plan. To prepare your plan, draw floor plans of your building. (space is provided on the next page) Show two exits – a front or back door and a window from each room.

Fire Protection Floorplan Draw a plan of your premises below.

By pressing A followed by the appropriate key, (do not press simultaneously) these special functions and features can be enabled: Easy Arm (when system is disarmed) The Easy Arm feature allows the system to be armed by pressing followed by .

System Troubles The XP600 is constantly monitoring its own components, as well as all critical services, such as AC Power and the Telephone line, to insure that it is always ready to provide the protection for which it was designed. When a system trouble does occur, it will caution you by lighting the yellow .

Keypad Beeps or Zone light SYSTEM Flashes 2 Beeps 2 Beeps 2 Beeps ARMED 3 Beeps READY SYSTEM FIRE ZONE 1 ZONE 2 ZONE 3 4 Beeps ZONE 4 ZONE 5 5 Beeps ZONE 6 6 Beeps 7 Beeps System Trouble Condition Fire Trouble.

Programming User Codes Your Installer has assigned a User 1 Code which may be used to not only Arm and Disarm the system, but also to enter the User Program Mode, where you can program other user codes. The following explains how you will use this code to program or erase additional user codes.

Ambush Code – In the event that you are forced by an intruder to dis- arm your system, this special code can be used to disarm the system, and simultaneously send a silent alarm to Central Station. If your sys- tem has the Ambush feature enabled, the code assigned as the User 6 code will function as your Ambush Code.

NAPCO SECURITY SYSTEMS, INC. (NAPCO) warrants its products to be free from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for thirty-six months following the date of manufacture. NAPCO will, within said period, at its option, repair or replace any product failing to operate correctly without charge to the original purchaser or user.

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