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Aug 31 2017

North East Pennsylvania Auto Auction #auto #insurance #today


Welcome to North East Pennsylvania Auto Auction!

North East Pennsylvania Auto Auction in Scranton Pennsylvania is the fastest growing auto auction in the North East United States. Each week hundreds of used car buyers and sellers get together and exchange hundreds of used cars, trucks, SUVs, and other motor vehicles.

Each week between 600 to 800 vehicles are up for bid, and approximately 80% of these vehicles are sold. Even after the auction has ended on Tuesdays, No Sale vehicles are aggressively remarketed using the Internet. Technologies such as Simulcast and eSales have proven to be successful means for increasing sales and assertively managing dealer inventories. Integrating Ove.com is just one way that North East Pennsylvania Auto Auction proactively leverages technology to provide superior service to our customer base.

Since 1999 North East Pennsylvania Auto Auction has been steadily increasing the volume of cars at its auction. This is due to our dedicated network of dealers who come rain or shine to the auction each week. Together we have created and consistently maintained the market for automobiles in Northeast Pennsylvania.

While the corporate auctions are trying to figure out how to serve dealers; We have mastered it. Our sale has fresh trades every week to choose from. We have streamlined communication to lessen the workload of our dealer accounts. We handle their titles, lane assignments, representation and transportation with ease. We retain our customers steadily gain more.

Look for Scranton, PA on your map, and see how we are centrally located. Why drive long distances when you can find inventory here in Northeast PA?

Please feel free to browse our web site and learn a little bit more about us, and make sure you sign up to our members area with your AuctionACCESS card to see our latest inventory of available automobiles for auction.

Please remember that we provide free transportation to our sale within 100 miles, including 5 cars or more!

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