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Feb 14 2018

Nursing Schools in Michigan – MI, Explore Schools and Programs, rn programs in michigan.#Rn #programs #in #michigan


Nursing Schools in Michigan – MI

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Michigan nursing programs have been turning away hundreds of overly qualified applicants in recent years due to the shortage of nursing faculty at nursing schools and teaching hospitals. Michigan s nursing shortage has been growing ever since. This should not be taken as a negative. Much attention is being dedicated to solving the shortage and with the recent recession, how to solve the shortage of jobs for new graduates from nursing programs. These issues won’t be resolved overnight.

Online Nursing Schools in Michigan

Nursing schools in Michigan have been working closely with the state of Michigan to find solutions to the shortage of nurse educators and the nursing shortage impacting the state. The result has been a focus on increasing admittance to nursing programs in the state, development of additional clinical sites and incentives for becoming nursing faculty. Becoming a Nurse in Michigan can be a rewarding and challenging path. The competitiveness for nursing program spots as well as for jobs is a testament to what this field offers and should continue to offer.

This site features online and campus based nursing schools in Michigan. The online nursing programs are CCNE (Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education) accredited and offer an excellent alternative to the wait lists at many of the Michigan campus based nursing programs. An online nursing program offers courses that are nearly identical to campus programs and clinical rotations at the same teaching institutions. These online nursing schools offer RN to BSN and MSN programs including a nurse educator certificate for those already holding an MSN or in the process of earning their MSN.

The University of Phoenix School of Nursing has nine campus locations in Michigan offering BSN and MSN programs for registered nurses. The University of Phoenix School of Nursing is an arm of one of the country s largest private universities.

Michigan Nursing Job Outlook and Salary Information

The job outlook for nurses in Michigan is very promising due in large part to the nursing shortage plaguing the state. Nurses can pretty much draw up their own contract at most Michigan hospitals or any health care agency for that matter. Those nurses holding their BSN are in the highest demand. A BSN in nursing is becoming a standard requirement at most hospitals in Michigan and is a must have if you are looking to advance your career and continue to earn higher salaries or pursue a specialty.

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