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Feb 17 2018

Online Colleges in Texas, Most Affordable Colleges, online jr colleges.#Online #jr #colleges


Online Colleges in Texas

Online jr colleges

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The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board encourages the development of online courses by the 45 state universities and colleges that it oversees, and it works with colleges to ensure that online and distance education classes are high quality. It understands that these kinds of programs provide better access to higher education for thousands of Texans who don’t live near a university campus or who are holding down full-time jobs.

Many national online colleges also offer online programs for Texas residents, and the coordinating board works with those schools to ensure that Texas residents get quality courses from these out-of-state institutions. Most national online colleges offer degree programs to students in Texas. Many have been offering fully online degree programs for years and have a broader set of programs, courses and subjects available. Some have campuses in Texas where students can attend classes as well.

Despite the state’s robust economy, many Texans lack the education needed to fill in-demand positions. Although 80 percent of Texans aged 25 years or older have a high school degree or higher, as reported by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2014, just 27 percent of the people in that age group have a bachelor’s degree or higher. According to the Lumina Foundation, the percentage of Texans who have a two- or four-year degree is below the national average (based on 2011 Census data).

Data from the U.S. Census Bureau indicates that graduation rates vary depending on age: 22.7 percent of Texans who are 25 or older have attended college without earning a degree, 6.6 percent have earned an associate degree and 17.9 percent have earned a bachelor’s degree. Nearly nine percent have a graduate or professional degree. For Texas residents who are 18 to 24 years old, 44.2 percent have attended college or earned an associate degree and 7.6 percent have a bachelor’s degree.

About a quarter of the schools in Texas offer online degree programs, and many also offer other distance learning options, including off-campus, in-person classes in remote areas, videoconference classes and courses that are a hybrid of onsite and online. Here’s a bird’s eye view of the opportunities in Texas:

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