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Dec 4 2017

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Pay and get paid online
Payza makes it simple

An excellent choice for payment solutions

Adding Payza helps us pay publishers in parts of the world that can accept the traditional web payment choices. Plus, its simplicity makes it an efficient tool to issue large volumes of payments from our network.

Favorite payment processor for over 4 years

Not only is security important but we also believe that customer care is absolutely vital and Payza delivers an amazingly human and caring support that actually answers the needs of those that contact them.

Our organization (NPO) opted to join Payza since it is the ONLY way to receive funds from any country in the world.

Most people in Africa have long been left out in the online payment business. All other players have a lot of restrictions and often do not allow people in Africa to receive funds from other countries. Use Payza and experience an unrivaled service!

We can only say great things about our Payza team!

I’ve been a member of Payza.com for while and I felt like they could provide a significant boost to my DDos protection program. We knew we had a great potential and needed somebody highly skilled and connected in the industry to fully exploit our affiliates group by taking advantage of all opportunities offered by Payza.com.

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