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Jan 8 2018

Time Management Training Course

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Effective Time Management

Course details

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Regard time as a resource to be managed.
  • Identify and focus on your objectives and key areas of responsibilities.
  • Establish and overcome the causes of poor time management.
  • Identify and deal with time stealers.
  • Prioritise your tasks and the unexpected.
  • Increase personal and team productivity to achieve a greater work/life balance.
  • What do we mean by time management?
  • Being able to recognise what good and poor time management is
  • Defining what you are expected to achieve in your role
  • Linking your objectives to key result areas
  • Identify your responsibilities and priorities
  • Being able to set goals and objectives for yourself
  • Choosing your long-term goals and how they can help your planning
  • Defining your personal time stealers and how to deal with them

Planning and Prioritising

  • Identifying key tips and techniques on how to prioritise your workload
  • Using modern planning tools to optimum effect to develop proactive planning
  • Controlling your emails
  • Scheduling tools in Outlook
  • Using your Blackberry/PDA
  • Identifying how to balance your focus and energies when managing your time
  • How to use the key criteria for prioritising
  • Time management – practical application exercises
  • Q A session on other time management issues
  • Practical exercise to review your time issues
  • Creating a practical and personal action plan to implement back in the workplace
  • Making a promise (using the network of participants to support you implementing your plan)

trainer’s view

‘There aren’t enough hours in the day’
‘Too much to do and too little time to do it in’
‘Everything seems to be urgent’

These are some of the time management issues I hear on my courses. You want to be able to cope with the demands and pressures of your jobs, achieve greater productivity and strike a better work / life balance.

I relish the challenge of working with my delegates to plan, prioritise and manage their workloads more effectively, and drawing on many years’ experience in a number of high pressure roles will aim to put you at ease and work individually with you to help transfer your new skills to the workplace.

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