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Mar 13 2018

Top 10 Best Online Accredited Colleges 2016

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Top 10 Best Accredited Colleges Online 2016

By CVO Staff
February 2016

This is a ranking of the top accredited online colleges in 2016.

To develop this list, our editors scanned reputable rankings of top regionally accredited online accredited colleges in the U.S. and selected those institutions appearing most often.

Featured Online Colleges

All of the schools on this list of the top online accredited colleges are great choices for students considering earning their bachelor’s online.

#10. Bellevue University

Bellevue was one of the first private, regionally accredited colleges online to offer an extensive catalogue of courses at a reasonable price, and the institution continues to be ranked among the top schools offering online bachelor’s programs. Among the programs offered are advanced manufacturing, business, biology, communication studies, criminal justice, psychology, project management, sport management, and software development.

Number of Undergraduate Programs. 47
Tuition. $6,450

#9. Ball State University

While Ball State doesn’t offer the widest selection of online degree programs, its online programs are very highly ranked. The school offers online degree programs in business administration, early childhood education, general studies, and RN to BSN programs. The school is adding to its undergraduate selections, but right now it offers many more graduate programs.

Number of Undergraduate Programs. 4
Tuition. $9,344

#8. Colorado State University Global Campus

Colorado State University was granted a significant amount of money a couple years ago to make an online global campus a possibility. Since then they have developed and consistently grown, a high quality online college that now offers 13 undergraduate programs, and numerous graduate programs. The low tuition is a price available both to resident and nonresident students. Among the online degree programs offered are accounting, applied social sciences, business management, communication, information technology, marketing, organizational leadership.

Number of Undergraduate Programs. 13
Tuition. $8,400

#7. Drexel University

An estimated 5 million students are enrolled in accredited online colleges

Drexel is one of only two private universities on our list. It’s more expensive than many of the other accredited online universities listed here. However, Drexel is one of the top universities in the U.S. and offers 10 high-quality online bachelor s degree programs. Among these online degree programs are communications, business, education, nursing, criminal justice, and psychology.

Number of Undergraduate Programs. 10
Tuition. $47,051

#6. University of Massachusetts Online Degree Finder

While UMass offers programs from multiple campuses, they are all organized through a central hub and unlike many public universities offering online programs, UMass offers a majority of their online programs through their flagship campus. The school offers online undergraduate programs in: accounting, finance, English, economics, nursing, human service, psychology, information technology, and global affairs.

Number of Undergraduate Programs. 29
Tuition. $13,443

#5. University of Illinois Online

The University of Illinois provides students with a central hub which features online programs offered by the three best schools in the University of Illinois system. The thirteen programs offered are all high quality programs, and the University of Illinois is considered one of the top online schools with bachelor’s degrees. Among the programs offered are: business administration, computer science, english, history, information systems security, liberal studies, mathematical sciences, philosophy, and nursing.

Number of Undergraduate Programs. 13
Tuition. $11,367

#4. Oregon State University

Oregon State University is among the top national universities, and in U.S. News and World Report’s top 5 schools offering bachelor’s online programs. The school offers a large selection of undergraduate programs and is adding new ones every year. Among the programs currently offered are: agricultural sciences, anthropology, economics, German, horticulture, political science, sociology, and human development and family sciences.

Number of Undergraduate Programs. 20
Tuition. $9,122

#3. Arizona State University

Few schools offer more online undergraduate programs than ASU. The tuition is reasonable, the selection is unparalleled when considering the quality of the school, and the online school is growing each year. Some of the more unique online degree programs offered by ASU include anthropology, art history, communication, electrical engineering, engineering management, film, global health, philosophy, and political science.

Number of Undergraduate Programs. 49
Tuition. $10,157

#2. University of Florida

The University of Florida is often mentioned among the top 50 schools in the United States and features some of the highest quality online programs, according to a number of well-established rankings. A number of UF’s online bachelor’s degree programs are more affordable than their campus-based programs. Among the online bachelor’s programs offered by the school you will find health education, anthropology, biology, computer science, geography, geology, psychology, and sociology.

Number of Undergraduate Programs. 17
Tuition. $6,313

#1. Pennsylvania State University World Campus

Penn State started offering correspondence courses for distance learners in the 19th century and has been at the forefront of distance education ever since. In the 1990s Penn State became one of the first state universities to offer an online degree program. The school now offers over 20 bachelor’s programs online. Penn State often considered among the top schools in the United States. Among the online degree programs offered by Penn State are accounting, agribusiness management, business, criminal justice, economics, finance, international politics, nursing, political science psychology, and turfgrass science.

Number of Undergraduate Programs. 21
Tuition. $13,516

This concludes our ranking of top online accredited colleges in the U.S.

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