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Jul 7 2017

Top 10 Cheapest Used Cars to Insure #insurance #for #used #cars, #feature #car #buying #guides


Top 10 Cheapest Used Cars to Insure

Today, buying a car is a difficult emotional process. For most people it s the second largest purchase that they will make, a home being the first. On average, people look at buying a new car. Not only is this confusing with the wide array of colors, styles, models, and levels of functionality but economically the buying decision process has changed. The cost of fuel has to be considered. With that cost rising, its automatic to consider the other heavy expenses that go into owning a new vehicle. Insurance is one of those heavy costs that need to be considered.

Insurance is a variable that you do have some control over. Don t consider cheapening out on the insurance to make up for the fuel costs required to drive your new vehicle as that can lead to serious issues in the case of an accident. Still there are different insurance companies, different insurance rates, and packages for the various cars on the road. The best decision involves considering insurance costs prior to buying.

Ten vehicles were compared for insurance premium costs. Many factors went into the creation of the Cheapest Cars to Insure list. However, if you consider the list, you ll realize most of the vehicles are small to mid-sized cars. These are the most loved by US insurance companies.

In order to compare vehicle insurance costs, we went to the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) for accurate research material. For their information the HLDI considers insurance coverage in six different areas. These include property damage liability, comprehensive personal injury protection, medical payment, collision, and bodily injury. Insurance companies, of course, do look at other elements when they determine what your vehicle insurance costs will be. Some of the other factors that they consider include, your driving record, your area of residence, and the amount of miles driven each year, age, gender and your credit history can all have an impact.

1. Cheapest Used Car to Insure: Buick Lucerne

When it came to evaluating insurance costs, the 2008 Buick Lucerne came out on top. It s quite the norm for the larger more boring cars to have lower insurance premiums. For a good reason they aren t race cars, they don t have extra parts that are incredibly expensive to replace, and they aren t souped up performance cars that are going to hit the insurance companies hard if the vehicle is in an accident.

There is nothing boring about our pick for the Cheapest Car to Insure. The 2008 Buick Lucerne is a great family car that comes in four different trim levels, finding something special for every consumer. There is the comfortable full-size care to the more sporty and heavily loaded luxury car. For added driving, handling and safety, giving it a much higher insurance rating are the side blind zone alert, which uses radar sensors to alert the driver when other vehicles are in the-hard-to-see areas and the land departure warning system that has a camera to study lane markings, which then alerts the driver if the vehicle is straying into the other lane. A common problem for drivers who have been driving too long and need to take a break.

2. Cheapest Used Car to Insure: Buick LaCrosse

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