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Nov 30 2017

Unruh Fire #fire #truck #crash


Welcome to Unruh Fire

Rescue Vehicle Fire Truck Manufacturer

Unruh Fire is proud to build fire trucks and rescue vehicles for everyday heroes. As an experienced fire truck manufacturer, we build custom rescue trucks for fire departments and EMS crews across the United States and parts of Canada. Every one of our fire trucks is individually configured by a firefighter to meet your exact needs and specifications. Unruh Fire specializes in custom fire trucks, brush trucks. rescue vehicles, wet rescue trucks. wildland fire trucks, ARFF aircraft rescue. rescue trailers and more. Our manufacturing facility in Sedgwick, Kansas was designed specifically for building custom trucks. We have the engineering experience, equipment, and trained craftsmen necessary to make a rescue truck that will exceed even the most demanding requirements.

Since everything we do is custom, Unruh Fire involves our clients in every stage of the process. We are passionate about giving firefighters and emergency responders the equipment they need to protect themselves and save lives. Unruh Fire offers the best warranty in the industry, single source HGAC schedule purchasing, and superior customer service. When you contact Unruh Fire you will speak directly to a knowledgeable fire professional. Our fire truck manufacturers know what it takes to fight fires, and we are ready to prove it to you with every product!

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