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Aug 2 2017

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VMware Cloud Hosting

Connectria is a VMware Enterprise Service Provider and a recognized leader in the Cloud Computing marketplace. We were also the first hosting company to provide VMware Hosting back in 2005. Today, Connectria offers individual VMware Virtual Machine Hosting through our Cloud Computing solutions, and dedicated server hardware through our Private Cloud Computing solutions. Connectria has provided VMware hosting to customers of all sizes, including Ansell. Sybase. Ameren. CredenceHealth. Calgary Scientific and Metacomet Systems among many others.

Hosted VMware Private Cloud or Public Cloud Environments

Silver Cloud Servers (non-HA): Take advantage of low-cost VMware vSphere Virtual Machines running on high-performance Enterprise Class x86 Servers. You can provide your own Operating System and/or VMware image, or Connectria can install Windows Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS Linux.

Gold Cloud Servers (Highly-Available): Run VMware vSphere along with VMware HA (High Availability) on clustered Enterprise Class x86 Servers connected to a high-performance Dell EqualLogic iSCSI Storage Area Network (optional on private cloud). So if any server fails, all virtual machines running on a failed server automatically restart on another server within the cluster. For our Gold Cloud™ Servers, you can provide your own OS or Connectria can install Windows Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS Linux.

Silver Cloud and Gold Cloud Support Services

For all Silver Cloud and Gold Cloud environments we offer a number of technical support services, including daily operational support and troubleshooting. These include Managed O/S Updates, Managed Data Backups & Restores, Disaster Recovery (DR) and Virus Scanning (click here for a complete list of our Silver Cloud and Gold Cloud Services within our Managed Hosting Plan). All VMs reside behind redundant Cisco ASA or dedicated firewalls managed by Connectria, and come with 1 Public IP Address along with access to the VMware Virtual Console.

All private cloud environments include access to the VMware Virtual Center Management Console.

Custom VMware Cloud Hosting Solutions

Customers can also opt for completely customizable cloud solutions using any servers (e.g. HP, Dell, IBM), storage (e.g. EMC, HP, IBM, NetApp) or managed hosting services.

Get Assistance Or A Quote From A Connectria Solutions Architect

Our Solutions Architects are available 7 days a week to assist you. Our only priority is to find a hosting solution that best meets your needs.

Please fill out the form below and we will try to get you a detailed quote within 24 hours. If you need it faster, just let us know and we will do our best to meet your needs!

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